"Are You Making One of These Common Mistakes with Your Glock?"
1) Are you compromising your Glock’s natural reliability by putting off periodic maintenance?  Glocks may be virtually 100 percent reliable, but they do have a few parts that must occasionally be replaced.
3)  Are you lubricating your Glock like any other gun and therefore endangering yourself and others by gumming up the works?  Glocks have five very specific lubrication points that must not be ignored.

4)  There are eight common, potentially dangerous assembly errors a Glock owner can unintentionally make when modifying, repairing or simply cleaning his or her Glock.  Stay safe and get to know your Glock’s idiosyncrasies.

5)  Are your groups too big because you can’t get used to the peculiar Glock trigger and blocky grip?  It is easy to make your trigger crisper and lighter and to get a better grip on your Glock.
7)  Did you let a friend talk you into a new Glock accessory that is now making your pistol finicky and inconsistent?  Is it time to start all over again with a box-stock Glock?

8)  Did you take your Glock apart one day and are now experiencing reliability issues?  Or maybe you cannot even get it back together at all following the pitiful Glock Factory manual.  The booklet that came with your Glock was never meant to teach you anything.  It was written by a lawyer not a Glock shooter. 

9)  Are your magazines the cause of frustrating failures, stovepipes, even out-of-battery ignitions?  It is easy to maintain and upgrade them.

10)  Are you allowing your Glock to get dangerously dirty, dry of lubrication and worn before you invest the time and money to hand it over to a gunsmith for an overdue cleaning and oiling?  Done correctly, it will take you ten minutes to completely strip your Glock for a thorough cleaning and check-up.
12)  Are you suspicious of that used Glock you picked up at the pawnshop or over the Internet?  Don’t put any ammo through it until you’ve taken it apart, cleaned it and know for sure it is in safe working order.

13)  Are you letting your Glock sit in the safe because it doesn’t fit you?  Before you get a costly grip-reduction try a simple fix.

  To save a little money, are you shooting un-jacketed bullets or reloads through your Factory polygonal-rifling barrel?  Instead of tempting fate, replace your Factory barrel with a drop-in conventionally rifled barrel with full chamber support.
15)  Are you compromising your training by “correcting” for uncertain trigger control (low and left) or for sights that are misaligned?  Getting you and your Glock to understand one another is every Glock-owner’s responsibility.

16)  Did you buy a used Glock at a great price with non-stock parts installed?  Now you’ve decided to run it stock.  Don’t add to the cost of your good deal by paying a gunsmith to remove those components.  Trade-out those parts yourself and keep them as free spares.
Morgan at the range testing a new trigger component in his Glock 23
2)  Are you adding unnecessary seconds to your match times because you are running stock equipment?  Glock Factory Performance components and third-party parts can speed up reloads, improve trigger control, reduce muzzle flip and more.
Good shooting starts with a good relationship between a Shooter and his Glock
6)  Are you apprehensive about your Glock because you’ve heard about “kabooms,” unsupported chambers, unpublished factory upgrades, stovepipes, spongy triggers and accidental discharges?  These problems can be traced back to a misunderstanding of Glocks and how they work.
Any modifications you make in your gun must be thoroughly tested
11)  Are you making-due with Glock Factory plastic sights which are known to be prone to breaking and misalignment?  Don’t pay anyone to replace them, do it yourself and get it right.
Morgan Boatman and Robert Boatman: Glock shooters and Glock authors
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·Basic Fieldstrip and Lubrication
·Performance Barrels
·Caliber Conversion
·Recoil Springs and Guide Rods
·Sight Installation and Adjustment
·Rimfire Conversion
·Detail-Strip of Slide
·Firing Pin Replacement
·Extractor Swap
·Detail-Strip of Frame/Receiver
·Magazine Release Customization
·Slide Stop Replacement
·Ejector Replacement
·Trigger Connector Swap
·Custom Trigger Install
·New York or other Pull Mods
·Laser Installation
·Scope Fitting
·Magazine  Upkeep
·Backstrap Insert
·Slip-On Grip Sleeve
·Rail Accessories
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